We are FKRY. We can assist you in the design, development and production of high quality, functional products that are a pleasure to own and use. We started our journey ten years ago, developing an eye for design and manufacturing using exotic materials and innovative manufacturing processes. Through functional design and an adaptive attitude to manufacturing, we create products in novel ways that make our products unique. Innovative manufacturing such as 3D printing and CNC machining offer flexibility to create custom products with an exclusive feel for a reasonable price. 

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Carbon Fibre Manufacture

We have been creating components using carbon fibre for ten years. Utilising manufacturing techniques such as resin infusion and ‘out-of-autoclave' pre-impregnated woven carbon fabric processing we can achieve high strength, aesthetically pleasing components. We can design, test and manufacture carbon fibre products ready for use in both cosmetic and mechanical applications.  

3D Printing

At FKRY we have a number of 3D printers to turn your idea from a digital file into a physical part. We can print a range of materials from ABS to carbon fibre infused nylon. Parts can also be printed from flexible materials.  

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CNC Machining

FKRY can turn your projects into reality using CNC machining. Whether your component requires CNC machining from billet, or laser cut sheet materials, FKRY can assist you with your projects.

Reverse Engineering

FKRY’s reverse engineering service provides a solution for components that:
- have become obsolete.
- have been discontinued by the original manufacturer.
- are available but are prohibitively expensive.
- exist in the physical form but electronic design data / drawings are required.
- require changes to the design. need to be remanufactured for spares or repair. 

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